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James ThompsonJames Thompson had an extraordinary encounter with a very kind and wise woman, a space traveler, who is interested in the genetic evolution of humans on Earth. The encounter happened just once, for four hours, on June 1992 by midnight, in a place not far from Memphis in the United States. It's nice to hear him speak, and he definitely seems like a very honest person who is telling the truth. It is interesting to make comparisons with other cases that I have studied, which allows me, step by step, to put together pieces in a puzzle that gives us the answers of who we are, why we are on Earth and what could be our future.

This is a typical case of abduction, with small gray beings, but it is not as it is shown by sensationalist people, who describe surgical and abusive interventions, which seem like a form of torture practiced to defenseless beings. This case tells us that abductions happen, but points out that they are done with respect and care, so ETs intention is to cause not to harm to human beings on Earth who are abducted. Sometimes abductions are a way for ETs to investigating the development of the human beings on Earth, and they are somehow parented to us, humans on Earth, as we will see later. In my opinion, the hypnotic regressions of abductions in many cases cannot be immune to the misrepresentation that leads one person that hypnotize another, to forcefully induce her/him to remember the events, and in which the hypnotist's preconceived ideas can influence, often unconsciously. In this case there was no hypnosis, but natural recollections, without external interventions, of events that James experienced, and that leads us to understand the reality that extraterrestrial beings are close to us, concerned about our development, and they do not violate universal laws such as of respect for other life forms.

In this article I will mention the events described by James Thompson in a Facebook group, and from an exclusive interview I did to him in November 2017. I will make comments that I will insert into the narration, enclosed in square brackets, to differentiate between James original narration, and my notes and interpretations.

What happened?

Any day in June 1992, James was traveling in a car with his girlfriend heading to Arkansas, towards the west. He had a hard conversation, where he told her that she was crazy to believe in nonsense like witches, big foot, UFOs, ghosts, etc. For him it was rubbish. She cried over his harsh remarks and then felt silent and felt asleep while he drove. He was driving through Memphis and crossed the Mississippi River to the west. He knew he had to stay at the left to follow the road to Little Rock, traveling on Highway 40, but for some reason he moved to the right and turned off the road. That worried him, and he thought that then he should leave at the next exit and return. But, without knowing why, he kept going straight ahead through a secondary road, perhaps on Highway 64 towards Searcy, which would then take him to Little Rock.

He drove for an hour, when, at his right he saw a house on the side of the road, but something struck him as unusual. He didn't know it at the time, but his life was going to change forever by stopping his vehicle.

He stopped in front of the house and stayed in his car for a couple of minutes trying to understand what was happening. The house resembled a two-story “Waltons” style home, but was fully lit as if it were daytime.

He got out of the vehicle while his girlfriend remained inside, still asleep, unaware of what was happening around. The house was located in the middle of a small valley between two hills. It was dark behind the house, but this home itself glowed brightly.

He walked and stopped halfway between the house and the car. From there he observed and listened to everything around him, and noticed how the crickets and frogs sang, as usual at night, but something was different, the house shone as if it were daytime.

He looked up and saw a soft and diffused light, about thirty meters above him, as large as the house itself. He thought at this time that maybe he had gone mad and maybe he should take more care of his health. That seemed crazy. He stayed there for a while. Then he noticed her girlfriend got out of the car, very confused. He approached her and with a finger over his mouth signalled her not to make any noise. She asked why they had stopped there. He pointed up and she looked at the light with an exclamation of astonishment, screaming in panic, and at this precise moment she was immediately frozen. That is to say, she did not move, she did not make noises, as if she was a motionless rock. He approached her, touched her forehead, shoved her hard, but she didn't move.

At that moment, from above, seven figures descended through the light and into the house. Among them, in the center came a woman in a horizontal position, as if she was sleeping; the remaining six figures were small in stature and standing upright, flying with her at the center. As they descended they went through the roof and to second floor of the house, crossing the wall and the window, as if they had the ability to get through everything. He was very scared, but at that moment he heard in his mind a feminine voice that said: "everything is fine". He turned to look at his frozen girlfriend, and heard that voice again: "She is fine, this way she will not harm herself." And upon hearing this he calmed down.

Then he realized that the small beings that came with the woman stood now around him and her girlfriend, smiling at him. The woman they brought before was already left back at the house, on the second floor. He heard the voice in his mind again: "hold your hands. "And so he did it, taking the hands of the little beings near him. His girlfriend stood motionless in the middle. At that moment they began to hover in the air, advancing above the parking lot, then crossing the road and towards the field in front of the house. He felt like he was leaning on the ground, but they were flying.

"Look up," said the woman voice in his head again. They float towards the light. Then he and his girlfriend, still paralyzed, appeared inside a bright room, with white light so strong that he could not distinguish where the walls ended or where they made contact with the floor. Then, his eyes adjusted to the intense light, but he still couldn't find the boundaries of the room. Then, the six funny little greenish-pink-skinned companions broke free of their hands, and they walked to the other end of what looked like a large room and disappeared, or perhaps crossed some wall in the background.

[James mentions that these little beings are similar to the little grays we find in drawings, but they don't have their heads and their eyes as big as we represent them. They did not seem threatening, rather kind and smiling. The gray beings appears in many UFO stories. Aliens, who are very much like us, humans, use androids created by them. ETs prefer not to descend, and instead they send their little droids to do some operations they deem necessary, without exposing themselves. Billy Meier says that the Roswell accident was real, where a Zeta Reticuli human beings ship had been manned by some of its androids, small gray beings, that crashed. The US intelligence services recovered the lifeless bodies of the androids. About these gray beings I would like to mention that I contacted James Thompson after I posted the following poster on a UFO group on Facebook.

After posting this image on Facebok, James reacted by saying that the ET woman who spoke to him, closely resembled the one on the poster. It does not mean that Semjase, ET of the Plejaren group who contacted Billy Meier, has also contacted James. He was contacted by another woman, also very beautiful, wise and loving, Nordic-looking, with light blue eyes that James says has long captivated him. This woman who contacted James is the one who gave him telepathic instructions, and he was talking with her for four hours aboard her ship. For some reason, perhaps due to our internal fears, many people prefer to imagine ETs as strange and aggressive looking beings, not as more advanced, wise human beings who are very similar to us.]

James felt it touched down the floor in this room. At this moment he remembered stories from movies and documentaries about abductions and the experiments they do with those who have been kidnapped, and he thought that this would not happen to him without resistance and fighting, and regardless his girlfriend was frozen three meters away from him. Well, he knew that idea was stupid, but he could try it.

Then a beautiful woman came into the room. She was not walking but floating through the air. James says that her dress radiated many beautiful and bright colors, like neon lights, as if it had an internal power source.

[Perhaps what James observed was somewhat different. Some contactees, as in the case of Luis Roberto Rodriguez, who also describe human-looking beings from space, very similar to us, say they radiate a bright aura and we find very beautiful colors around them.]

This beautiful woman with light hair and blue eyes greeted him. James answered the greeting. She said to him, in perfect English: "You don't believe that extraterrestrial beings exist ... however, now we are talking face to face, and you did not react like her," she pointed out to James's girlfriend who remained frozen, about three meters from them. James, still amazed, simply told her that he liked meeting new people.

James then said, "Can I ask you a question?"

"You have already did it," she replied, implying that she knew his question beforehand. "You are going to ask me, why are you here."

And that was what intrigued James. He is not a scientist or engineer, nor does he have training to understand many things that she could explain.

She told him she was from her ship listening to the conversation he had with his girlfriend when he came in the car. With her ship, she scanned their minds, but it struck her that she could read James' girlfriend's mind but not his. Apparently she, the ET woman, was intrigued as to why she couldn't do it. She wanted to do more studies and understand what was going on in James' brain that was blocking her instruments.

[In this narration we note that the ET woman appears to be a biologist interested in the development of human beings. Was the other woman James saw, minutes ago, that the little ones were descending into the house, someone else this ET lady was analyzing minutes ago? Do they, the ETs, violate human beings to examine them? My interpretation is different. I see advanced, sensitive and loving extraterrestrial beings, which for many millennia have been monitoring the advancement and development of human beings on Earth. They always try not to affect the people they analyze, without using invasive or painful techniques, but if the person can harm himself, psychologically, they have the way that the subject does not suffer and does not remember what happened, as is the case of James's girlfriend, who for her own protection kept her asleep, in a state of suspended animation all the time. Since James was neither scared nor panicked, it allows him to be awake. For the ET woman it is a time to understand how James' brain works, and for James it is a time to meet other people.]

James was intrigued how someone who comes from outer space can speak English, even better than his own. She explains that she does not speak English, but with the ship she can read the brain of James's girlfriend and get the necessary words in the English language from there. [It is as if our brain had a translator to the language we use, and an idea that needs to be transmitted, the brain searches for the right words to say them in the language we know.] The ET lady used the brain of James's girlfriend, not James himself, as his instruments cannot penetrate his mind, and that is what she wants to understand why it was happening.

James asked her, "What if we were in China ...?"

"We would be speaking Chinese," she replied.

She explained that she was not only listening to the conversation he had with his girlfriend in the car, but she was also inducing him to take an alternate route. The woman said she was guiding him until he reached the meeting destination. [It should be noted that James does not regret that this has happened today. He simply feels the need to tell his story and share what happened, and what he now knows.]

James does not understand why, but for 25 years he did not remember his entire experience. In his memory there was only what has been narrated so far, and also the final details when he returned down to the ground, at the moment he has inside the car with his girlfriend who was now conscious and screaming at him to leave this place. They quickly resumed their journey. For 25 years, the following events were hidden in his mind, for any reason.

However, two weeks before he wrote his story on Facebook, and we got in contact, James began to have memories of other aspects lived on board the ship. At night he woke up suddenly and remembered other situations and teachings he received. And he felt the need to share his story and find someone to write it. James says he does not have the ability to write it.

After the alien lady explained that she was the one who guided him to the place where they were going to meet, she activated a device on her ship and projected a 3D image of James near him. James was surprised to see a replica of himself, naked, standing next to him, like a hologram. He noticed that if he moved his mouth, his 3D image did too, only that it stayed in the same place. He walked around and watched his 3D image. She also projected a nude 3D image of herself next to James'. [I think this woman projected herself so James didn't feel bad, like a guinea pig being analyzed in a laboratory.]

"What do you think about this?" she asked him.

"You are human like us," James replied when he saw the two naked bodies in front of him and noticed that she was a human woman.

She smiled and after that showed him the differences, indicating that although they are human, they are not identical to humans on Earth. In her sophisticated apparatus she was able to remove the skin from the bodies in the two projected holographic images. Now he saw the muscles and other internal parts, and James could see that although she has the same organs, there are subtle differences. Her lungs are a little bigger, since where she comes from there is less oxygen in the air and they require a greater lung capacity. In the 3D images, she then removed organs, muscles, and everything else until she left only the skeleton. Then she showed her a comparison of the two brains. She explained that they do not have two brain hemispheres, or a frontal lobe, as we are. They have only one unit, and that makes them empathize with all other beings. She commented that someday we will feel that connection between all people, empathy will be awakened and we will not be able to harm other beings.

After seeing the great similarity between the two, James commented:

"It seems we are related."

"Yes and no," she commented to him. And she explained that they have been making interstellar trips around the universe, and they have found human beings similar to each other, but with differences, and they know very well the genetic differences.

"Wait a minute," James told her, "our scientists are very wise and know a lot about that, about genetics."

"Really?" she asked smiling at him kindly. "And do they know why among you someone as Albert Einstein and another as Jack the Ripper can be born, being both humans of Earth?"

"But our science is very advanced," James replied.

"But they still haven't been able to get free energy ..." she said. James says that she explained to him that the secret of having free energy is inside the Sun. She showed him the reactor that his ship has, which according to James is shaped like a pineapple, 1 meter high by about 45 centimeters wide. He says that inside there is a cavity where something that rotates, produces a lot of energy. She told him that that system could power her ship for several hundred years. [James's descriptions indicate that she uses a Fusion reactor, which is like a miniature Sun, where hydrogen is converted to helium, and this produces large amounts of energy. The interior cavity is a toroid where plasma is maintained, that guarantees fusion. Every day we get closer to obtaining this type of energy, but it will take many more years to have a small, practical and functional reactor, like that of the ET lady's ship]

She then did genetic-type experiments, simulating them on her holographic equipment, and allowed James to interact.

[It is very interesting to see the technology that these ETs have to scan the human body, without invasive techniques. It is absurd to hear stories of abductions describing primitive surgical techniques that look like medieval torture. The investigations are conducted by technologically advanced beings, ethically and spiritually advanced enough to cause harm to those who board their ships. Here I see some coincidences with the Billy Meier case and the Luis Roberto Rodriguez case. Billy Meier describes computers that Plejaren have where they can read people's thoughts remotely, their conscious minds, and their subconscious minds. He also describes devices that allow ETs to scan from outside a person, to know about the health level, and even devices that with invisible radiations destroy viruses and bacteria in the human body. In the case of Luis Roberto Rodriguez, he explained to me that when he got on the ship of the ETs who took him away, they did a complete exam there, and he could see images of his body projected on the ship, "just as he is." ]

In the holographic simulator, James was able to see a spiral staircase structure [the DNA], made up of fragments that seemed to him similar to the stone walls used in Scotland to divide the land. She taught him how to remove one piece of DNA and replace it with another in the simulator. Then she simulated the evolution of a being, after making a change in the DNA, and after some time of growth, this being in the simulation died. They did several tests to mix DNA, and in all of them the resulting being was very fragile and died. In James' narration it seems to indicate that she is talking to him about a genetic disease he has. She also indicated that they cannot change the entire DNA, since even they have limits in the changes they want to make. She told him some interesting details about the human past and the mixes that have occurred. She said that the Earth human race was previously too aggressive, but with the mixes that have been made [apparently influenced by space beings] the level of aggressiveness has been lowered, or else we would have destroyed ourselves, James said. She commented that on Earth, most, or all human beings that inhabit it, their remote origin has been from various places in outer space. [At this point it coincides with what Sixto Paz explains about the migrations, deportations, mixtures, etc., which have created the current human race on Earth. It also coincides with what Billy Meier says about the origin of the current human being on Earth, which is made up of 5 main groups or races that have come from various places in the universe, the yellow race being the last one to arrive, and these humans from different places were sharing the resources with beings that were already on Earth.]

She explained that it is not convenient to mix races, since it creates diseases like autism and others.

James then discovered that we are the result of those genetic changes carried out by beings from space. And he asked:

"And then, who created you?"

"Do you mean God?" she asked him.


“Everywhere we have traveled the universe,” she clarified, “we have not met that person. We have never met a God.”

That somehow saddened James. She explained that the universe has intelligence in everything it does. [This coincides with the Billy Meier case, where the ETs who contacted him talk about the same thing. They say that there is no God creator, but Creation, which is a universal intelligence that has its laws and within it we evolve.]

She told him that the different races on Earth come from different races in space, and the story of the Tower of Babel represents the loss of the ability to communicate telepathically that the first humans on Earth had, and that led us to have different languages.

Later she went back to check the reason why she could not read James's thoughts, and showed her brain in the holographic image and concluded that its front part does not work well. She asked James to try to read her mind, and then she tried to read James's. They then took a closer look at the neurons in James' brain on the holographic simulator. Trying to read her mind, he saw his front lobe on his brain partially activate, and it looked like a small thunderstorm located in a small part in the front part. She then showed him her brain by reading James' mind, and he watched her entire brain light up brightly, not just the front, and told her James that he can't do the same [Her brain doesn't have different parts, because everything is a single unit, and when the human beings of the Earth integrate their two hemispheres, empathy will be awakened and we will feel that connection between all of us, as she explained before.]

James noted how the interior of this ship was very simple. There were no instruments, controls, or monitors like the ones he has seen on the space capsules and on the space shuttle. If any image or projection is required, it appears out of nowhere. He also found they don't use telescopes like ours, because she projected an image of the Moon in the air, and he saw it and the stars. From the conversation with her, James idicates three key mesages:

Key messages:

• Our origin is not from Earth. We come from various places in the universe.

• We are not alone. We are protected.

• Drastic changes are coming. We must be patient during these changes.

[It coincides with all contacted cases that I have personally analyzed. We are the result of space travelers who have come to Earth at different times and have made genetic changes. Sixto describes that there is like a quarantine where the Earth is protected and not any extraterrestrial being can now come to intervene. Billy Meier and Luis Roberto talk about a Space Confederation, where various races watch over the development of humanity. We are living through great changes, very strong and transformative ones, but we must solve our problems by ourselves, even if we have beings who observe us in our evolution. We must learn to develop resilience and patience during these changes. Our idea of gray, aggressive looking ETs is wrong, perhaps based on our own fears when observing those little androids that sometimes accompany some ETs. We are like ETs, human beings, perhaps with some differences, but we are very similar, because we have been related to them since ancient times.]

James never saw his girlfriend again and never went back to see the house where this event occurred, nor to inquire who lived there. Today he simply remembers more details of this experience and he wants to share it. He feels that he knows many new things that have not been taught in the traditional school.




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